Emirates Airlines and Emirates Foundation – capturing traveller’s attention

Snip20151103_1I wrote a blog post recently about travel audiences being captive audiences and I asked why more travel companies do not promote charities and charitable activity to this audience. With more than 23 hours of flight time on recent flights on Emirates Airlines from Amsterdam to Dubai and Dubai to Sydney, I felt that captivity!

EmiratesEmirates Airlines did a tremendous job promoting the Emirates Foundation on its aircraft, in the airline’s magazine, on the television monitors, and throughout the airport. The Airline, in fact, asked people to give online to the Foundation, donate onboard, donate airline miles, and to purchase Foundation merchandise via duty free onboard. Additionally, in the Emirates business class lounge there were coin collection stations encouraging people to give their foreign currency. Dubai is the homebase for Emirates and the traffic through the airport amounts to some 75 million passengers travelling annually. Dubai is the third busiest airport in the world. Clearly Emirates is playing to the audience and encouraging us to give with a menu of options.

Emirates also published a bit of a mini annual report or a project update to educate us about projects funded by the Foundation around the world.

Congratulations to Emirates and to the Emirates Foundation for a stellar job promoting the Foundation’s good work. You caught this passenger’s attention and kept it throughout the journey.