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FundraisingForce hires only the most highly experienced fundraisers.

Each consultant carries subject matter expertise in the area assigned. The advantage of a FundraisingForce consultant is the fact that our consultants have walked in your shoes and understand your business inside and out saving you time and project costs.

Stephen Mally

Stephen Mally

FundraisingForce hires the most seasoned consultants to bring the highest level of expertise to your non-profit organisation or university.

Stephen Mally CFRE FFIA is the Director of FundraisingForce.

Stephen Mally brings over 30 years of fundraising and non-profit consulting to the project. Having served as a 20-year fundraising veteran in the United States for a variety of health care related charities and hospitals, Stephen transitioned to consulting in Asia-Pacific and in Europe in 2008 where he has consulted with over 500 organisations in those regions gaining a vast amount of diverse exposure to diverse organisations, SRM solutions, fundraising programming and fundraising operations.

Stephen acquired his Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) credential in 2012.  Less than 150 fundraisers in Australia and New Zealand hold the CFRE credential, which is the first globally recognised credential for fundraising professionals. CFRE International certifies experienced fundraising professionals aspiring to the highest standards of ethics, competence and service to the philanthropic sector.

Stephen was named a Fellow of the Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) in 2017.

Speaking Engagements

Stephen Mally, Director, FundraisingForce, is currently accepting requests for speaking engagements that may be wrapped around his travel schedule.

A frequent presenter, Stephen has spoken at regional, national, and international fundraising and management conferences, including:

  • Association of Development and Alumni Professionals in Education (ADAPE)/EducatePlus
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Massachusetts
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Hong Kong
  • Association of Fundraising professionals (AFP) Singapore
  • Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA)
  • Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits United States
  • Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits Asia-Pacific
  • Council for Advancement & Support of Education (CASE) Asia-Pacific
  • Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine Australasia
  • Fundraising Institute Australia
  • JBWere
  • The Newport Initiative
  • Pathways Australia
  • Variety – the Children’s Charity Australia
  • Variety – the Children’s Charity International
  • Women in Development (WID)

Stephen has also been published in:

  • Third Sector Magazine (March 2017).
  • The Non-Profit Voyeur (Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine, April 2014).
  • I’m Watching You! Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine (April 2013 and May 2012).
  • Data Hygiene is Everybody’s Business Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine (April 2011).
  • Data Hygiene is Everybody’s Business Fundraising Institute New Zealand (FINZ) (June 2010).
  • Ask Your Constituents for Money? You Bet! A white paper for Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP and Blackbaud (May 2008).

Our Services

CRM Selection

CRM Selection

Whether your organisation is selecting a constituent relationship management (CRM) solution for the first-time or is upgrading something already in place, our expert consultants will work with your team to find the perfect solution to meet the requirements of your non-profit organisation or university.

FundraisingForce will assist your charitable organisation to:

  • Identify and document organisation-wide requirements.
  • Craft a tender for proposals.
  • Manage the demonstrations.
  • Serve as a bridge between your organisation and the suppliers.

The end result is an ability for your organisation to focus on fundraising and management of your non-profit organisation while being guided through the very difficult and important process to select a solution to meet your organisation-wide requirements.

FundraisingForce has no affinity to any supplier or product in the marketplace. We truly are the independent and objective partners to help you find the best fit for your organisation.

database Analysis

Database Analysis

Not every organisation seeks to replace their constituent relationship management (CRM) system. Some simply need a “tune up” of their CRM solution in order to realign it to meet the non-profit organisation’s business objectives.

Your CRM is the most important asset your organisation owns. Receiving an external, independent analysis is the best way for your organisation to determine if you are making the best use of your CRM. Our firm has experienced consultants who have conducted more than 750 of such analyses over the last several years and has expertise to identify areas for improvement, opportunities to implement best practices, and ways in which your organisation may increase fundraising and decrease costs.

Fundraising Review/Strategic Planning

Fundraising Review/
Strategic Planning

Fundraising Review

Have you ever looked at something for weeks, months, or even years, and failed to see the issues or opportunities for improvement? An objective, outsider evaluation of your overall fundraising program is often times the best way to analyse what is working well, which programmes deserve an “early retirement” and where there is a chance for revitalisation or new programmes to take their place.

Fundraising Strategic Planning

A fundraising review is the first step in an overall strategic planning process. A fundraising strategic plan (FSP) is a three-year roadmap to guide your organisation toward a destination. A FSP is a vital component, which identifies the overall fundraising goal of the organisation, breaks the goal into specific strategies by fundraising area, and offers key objectives, tasks, and assignments at the programmatic level. Every person in your organisation will participate in the process to receive total buy-in from your team.

The FSP will include:

  • A review of fundraising history, including key income streams and associated expenses.
  • A review of gaps across the organisation.
  • A comparative analysis to show how your organisation stacks against industry peers.
  • Goals, objective and assigned tasks by fundraising area.
  • Tools to measure the outcomes of the FSP quarterly, annually and across the lifespan of the plan.
Fundraising Program Management

Fundraising Program Management

Whether your organisation lacks fundraising expertise, has experienced a recent staff vacancy, or needs an extra set of hands to achieve fundraising objectives, FundraisingForce has experienced fundraisers who may assist in:

  • Direct marketing.
  • Regular giving.
  • Major Gifts.
  • Trusts and Foundations.
  • Corporate Partnerships.
  • Special Events.
  • Donor Stewardship/Donor Care.
Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Ever wonder how your organisation measures up against industry best practices? FundraisingForce offers a mystery shopping service to gain an independent evaluation of your organisation focused on hey areas, such as:

  • Donation/gift giving experience.
  • Receipting and acknowledgement processes.
  • Repeat solicitations of donors.
  • Donor care and stewardship.

 FundraisingForce has mystery shoppers how will serve as donors of your organisation and conduct evaluations of multi-channel approaches over a timeframe of months or years. Organisations receive a report post-campaign, as well as an annual report, which offers organisation management insight and objective evaluations.


  • David McDonald

    Stephen’s overall knowledge and experience in the competitive world of fundraising combined with his extensive background with CRM systems proved to be critical in our decision to engage him.

    I am extremely pleased to say that after years of neglect our CRM system is now on track and we are beginning to realise its benefits to its full potential thanks to Stephen.

    David McDonald, Managing Director, McDonald Consulting

  • Peter de Keratry

    Stephen Mally worked with my team at the Archdiocese on many projects over the past six years. It is rare to find a consultant who has a deep understanding of fundraising and also is knowledgeable about systems within the organisation. Stephen is focused, does what he promises, and delivers beyond expectations.

    Peter de Keratry, Executive Director of Stewarship & Development, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

  • Daraus Mirza

    Stephen Mally and I met several years ago, at an opportune time when my team and I were challenged to find a solution to a complex problem at a different institution. Stephen’s expertise and comprehensive experience in the not-for-profit sector were the key for coming up with a strategic result. Since that occasion I have called on Stephen at various times on a wide range of issues including business processes, systems and on strategic matters. It has always been a beneficial experience.

    Stephen’s understanding of philanthropy and his record of successes with different types of organisations makes him invaluable to his clients. Additionally, his ability to identify issues and offer best practice suggestions can help keep any organisation ahead of the curve. It has always been a pleasure to work and collaborate with Stephen.

    Daraus Mirza, Director, Advancement Services, Deakin University

  • Beverly Kirks

    Stephen is a natural leader and professional fundraiser with exceptional expertise developing and securing major gifts. He is a gifted listener and truly enjoys creating work environments and teams that are dynamic and positive. His appreciation of staff is genuine, and he sets clear expectations to allow them to be successful and productive. I was truly fortunate to work with Stephen, and I remain thankful to him for his mentorship throughout my career as a major gifts officer.

    Beverly Kirks, Fund Development Consultant, Beverly Kirks

  • Leah Camhi

    Stephen was the most creative, energetic, and results-driven Development Director I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He was open to exploring several partnership opportunities together and was extremely innovative in his approach to fundraising.

    Leah Camhi, Executive Director, Fenway Community Development Corporation

  • Meghan Fay

    Stephen recruited me to Lahey Clinic and he served as a mentor to me while there and continues to serve as a mentor for me today. Stephen has a deep understanding of our industry and is an incredible ambassador for the field of development. He is a consummate professional and always makes the work environment enjoyable with his fantastic sense of humor. He can navigate complex environments, is unbelievably organized, a skilled multi-tasker, and understands how all the pieces of an organization fit together and complement one another to achieve the overarching goals. He works to make people understand how even their smallest contribution helps move the organization forward, which makes him a terrific manager and motivator of people.

    Meghan Fay, Director of Development, Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute at Columbia University

  • Vivienne Johnson

    Over the two years since we have worked together on a number of important projects including the development of our three-year fundraising plan. In every endeavour, Stephen is the embodiment of excellence in client service and good relationship management. He draws upon his extensive professional experience to consistently deliver fundraising advisory services which meet, and often surpass, our business needs. He has made it his business to understand our business and has shown an interest in our fundraising program far over and above the original brief. He is responsive, accessible and keeps to deadlines. As his client, Stephen is helpful to me beyond the services he provides.

    Vivienne Johnson, Development Manager, Museum of Brisbane

  • Jannine Jackson

    I cannot recommend Stephen highly enough he has been a delight to work with and a true expert in his field. Any issue or problem you may have he listens and actions solutions. He does not just talk about the importance of good customer service he embodies it. With Stephen, if he states he is going to deliver the project by a deadline he does it regardless of what external issues he is dealing with. Stephen has often gone above and beyond the call of duty for me and keeping me informed of my project, late at night or even whilst he is on holidays. 

People with the dedication to his customers and work ethic like Stephen are rare. Any one who has the pleasure of dealing with Stephen will always speak highly of him.

    Jannine Jackson, National Director, Frontier Services

  • Anneke Burlinson

    It is rare that one comes across a standout talent like Stephen. Stephen brings a wealth of fundraising know-how, and I’m particularly impressed that he could always communicate his ideas clearly and tailored to his audience. Despite his busy schedule and numerous challenging projects, furthermore, I could always rely on Stephen whenever I needed further advice or answers to my questions – a clear demonstration of his highly developed client service skills. 

I highly recommend Stephen, and look forward to other opportunities to work with him.

    Anneke Burlinson, Manager, Prospect Development, University of Western Australia

  • David Small

    Stephen’s passion for, and knowledge of, fundraising and his ability to impart that passion and knowledge is second to none. Received very well, Stephen’s presentations for Variety – the Children’s Charity in Australia and internationally have provided valuable, real world anecdotes and solutions given with humour and an engaging approach. What Stephen says, Stephen does. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen as an asset to any organisation and have great respect for his work ethic and contribution to the industry.

    David Small, Executive Director, Variety – the Children’s Charity International

  • Ramtin Sohrabian

    Steve is a highly committed professional. I have been working with Steve for almost 3 years and I have seen him going beyond customer satisfaction every time he works with clients. 

Highly professional, knowledgeable, team player and super fun to work with.

    Ramtin Sohrabian, Salesforce Solution Architect

  • David McLean

    Stephen is an extremely competent business consultant who is thorough, reliable and gets the job done with a minimum of fuss. I would recommend Stephen to any organisation requiring strong not-for-profit skills and experience.

    David McLean, Project Manager, Heart Foundation (Former)

  • Paul Freeman

    Stephen is the epitome of the perfect professional service provider. He is an absolute expert in his field and a fantastic communicator and teacher to lay users and experts alike. He addresses any problem that surfaces with a team-centric, timely and intelligent approach, guaranteed to achieve the best solution possible. He is also prepared to go far beyond his brief to achieve the best possible result for his clients. I cannot commend Stephen highly enough.

    Paul Freeman, Independent Fundraising and Marketing Consultant

  • Rebecca Hazell

    Stephen is an exceptional communicator and is highly skilled at being able to understand and meet client needs. Stephen is a solutions-driven person who is able to think outside the box in order to achieve the best outcome for a client.

    Rebecca Hazell, CFRE, Director of Development, UoN Foundation at University of Newcastle

  • Jeff Montgomery

    I find Stephen’s work to be very high caliber, but most impressive is his ability to “make the trains run on time” with any project he is on. When Stephen is involved, meetings stay focused, milestones are met, and projects stay on schedule. I wish every project had “a Stephen” on it!

    Jeff Montgomery, Managing Partner, Omatic Software

  • Brent Mutsch

    Stephen has consistently “added value” in his work to enable member of our team to more effectively and efficiently use of a product suite he supports.

    Brent Mutsch, Superintendent, American School of Dubai

  • Sheila Colwell

    Stephen is one of the very best and most professional consultants I have ever worked with. He doesn’t just preach Fundraising Best Practice – he knows it inside and out. Unlike many consultants, he has worked as an executive level professional so he knows and sympathizes with the challenges faced by his not-for-profit clients. He has superb people skills as well being both a diplomatic and honest person who inspires trust and confidence. He clearly wants what is best for the client and will go that extra mile (or two!) to make sure that you are happy with the product.

    Sheila Colwell, Associate Director, Community Relations, Geelong Grammar School

  • Richard Rosek

    Stephen is the consummate professional, dedicated, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

    Richard Rosek, Professional Services Manager, APAC at Enablon

  • Mona Saade

    Steve has a way of drawing people in and keeping them interested in what he is talking about – he sticks to the point and listens to the questions being asked by the audience, making everyone feel their question is important as the next one. 


Steve worked around the clock delivering work to deadline, being pro-active offering solutions that the organisation couldn’t decide upon and on top of that he understood what the stakeholders needed when they themselves couldn’t communicate their requirements. 

 To this day he is still the consultant NBCF request because of his patience, his knowledge and his ability to interact with stakeholders of all levels. He is very easy to work with, a professional who really understands people and is extremely organised. 

If given the opportunity to be guided and mentored by Steve I would not pass up the opportunity.

    Mona Saade, Systems Change Manager, Opportunity International

  • Jeremy Bradshaw

    Stephen has been a presenter at one of our annual training days for the last 3 years, and his depth of subject knowledge and clear communication style ensures he is an excellent speaker.

    Jeremy Bradshaw, Director, Bombora Publishing (Publisher of Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine)

  • Wendy Fox

    I was fortunate to have worked with Stephen on several occasions during my tenure as Vice President at Blackbaud. Stephen is an exceptional nonprofit consultant whose guidance enabled many of our clients to advance their fundraising programs. He is adept in virtually all fundraising disciplines and is able to guide his clients from strategic planning to tactical implementation. Stephen is also a phenomenal presenter, who is engages his audience with his expertise and charm. I highly recommend Stephen.

    Wendy Fox, Business Development Executive, NGO Market, Virtustream

  • Charlotte Grimshaw

    Stephen is a true fundraising professional who combines a real understanding of how fundraising works with a great knowledge of how to make data work to support it – a rare combination!

    Charlotte Grimshaw, Director, Fundraising Research & Consulting (FR&C)

  • Rob Edwards

    Stephen has contributed considerably and selflessly to the Fundraising sector generally and to FIA specifically by helping to build the body of knowledge in our education programmes including the annual conference. Stephen’s broad expertise has been put to good use, and he does so without hesitation. A rare find.

    Rob Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA)

  • Maria Dennison

    Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to fundraising and in particular to the key people in fundraising. He is very conscientious about his presentation and work ethics and goes that extra mile to ensure all your questions are answered and needs met. 
I hope to continue to work with Stephen and sincerely thank him for all the support he has given me over time.

    Maria Dennison, Direct Marketing Manager, CareFlight

  • Troy Shiels

    Mentor. Coach. Colleague. Stephen has an incredible store of experience and expertise upon which to draw and impart. Stephen’s gentle, personable nature helps to convey his expertise. I have learned a great deal about my craft from Stephen and remain grateful for the help, advice, and time he has contributed to my development as both a professional and a person. Stephen would be an asset to any organisation.

    Troy Shiels, Oceania Marketing Leader – Alumni Relations | Consumer and Industrial Products, EY

  • Luke Bell

    Stephen is a highly driven, committed and passionate service professional. He has a wealth of experience within the not for profit sector and draws on this to deliver a quality output, on deadline. He was a pleasure to work with and his strong interpersonal and relationship management skills ensured he built strong working relationships with our team. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen and would relish the opportunity to work with him again.

    Luke Bell, General Manager Fundraising, Vision Australia

  • Paige Summers

    Stephen has been our onsite consultant from Blackbaud for numerous visits to Taipei American School. He is always my number one choice. He is personable, pleasant, and always professional. He pays attention to the small details and also sees the bigger picture. He always has done his best to listen carefully and meet our needs.

    Paige Summers, Director of Advancement, Albert College

  • Jim Raymond

    Stephen is one of the hardest working people I have met and one of the most committed individuals to seeing non-profits succeed at fundraising.

    Jim Raymond, Freelance Digital Consultant

  • Louise Lawrence

    Stephen Mally is a star! This opinion has developed from listening to him at Blackbaud Conferences, reading his work in relevant publications and blogs and finally having Stephen work with us personally since 2012.

    Louise Lawrence, Advancement Services Manager, University of Otago

  • Josh Slightling

    I found Stephen to be professional, approachable and most importantly trustworthy, a critical element when working with business partners.

    Josh Slighting, Senior Account Director, 2DataFish

  • Dennis Stockman

    I was only a small client for Stephen, however he still gave wonderful service and advice, and knew exactly what I was trying to achieve.

    Dennis Stockman, Buildings and Projects Officer, Australian War Memorial

  • Hether Horan

    Steve has worked in fundraising for many years and has a wealth of knowledge in the not-for-profit sector.

    Hether Horan, Founder and Director, The Human Edge

  • Jenny O’Donnell

    Stephen is a consummate professional with great attention to detail and excellent communication skills. He more than delivered on his brief and it was a pleasure working with him.

    Jenny O’Donnell, Fundraising Manager, WWF-Australia

  • Young Dawkins

    Stephen was prompt, thorough and insightful, and his comments and suggestions will be massively helpful to us going forward.

    Young Dawkins, Executive Director, University of Tasmania Foundation

  • Jennifer Doubell

    I have worked with Stephen on a number of major projects. He has a profound knowledge of Raisers Edge, of not for profits and fundraising. His expertise, professionalism and excellent client services skills have given me excellent outcomes.

    Jennifer Doubell, Executive Director, Peter Mac Cancer Foundation

  • Bev Lange

    Stephen is an expert in designing and implementing fundraising strategies with not for profits. He understands the business processes needed to support fundraising activities to maximise return on investment for organisations. 
Stephen is respectful of the internal culture of organisations he works with and is highly skilled at facilitating discussions to ensure the right strategy and tactics are employed. 
Stephen is great to work with and is highly recommended.

    Bev Lange, Director, bevlange.com.au

  • Heather Newell

    Stephen is at the top of his field and travels the world sharing best practice (and creating it!).

    Heather Newell, Director, Foresee Communications

  • Angela Chapman

    I found that Stephen adeptly handled the parties within our own operation that had sometimes competing objectives with diplomacy and skill, and found ways to bring different perspectives into alignment to get the project completed.

    Angela Chapman, Senior Vice President Philanthropy, Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Hospital Foundation

  • Ray Villarica

    Stephen will come with my highest recommendation for engagements in management and fundraising consulting.

    Ray Villarica, Annual Giving Manager, Western Sydney University

  • Victoria Thorn

    Stephen is without doubt the most highly knowledgeable, hardest working, and most generous colleague I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

    Victoria Thorn, Training Consultant, Blackbaud (former)

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