Power of LinkedIn for nonprofit professional

Snip20160712_27Since starting FundraisingForce, I have become increasingly aware of the power of LinkedIn. I certainly viewed LinkedIn as terrific tool prior to the February 2014 opening of FundraisingForce; but, it has become one of the single most important sources of business for my company.

The percentage of main business referrals for FundraisingForce are, as follows:

  • Word of mouth – 40% (the most important!).
  • LinkedIn: 35%
  • FundraisingForce web leads: 25%

LinkedIn not only allows potential customers to research my professional background. LinkedIn often times serves as a referral to my Website.

Don’t underestimate the power of a solid LinkedIn profile. Additionally, maintaining the LinkedIn profile on a weekly basis is critical whether you are a small business or a fundraising practitioner in the market. Doing things such as: Adding references to articles, including your own published articles; “linking other posts”; and updating your own details will increase the likelihood of your LinkedIn profile being noticed by others.