It’s the final quarter of 2015 – set some targets

Targets hit in the center by arrows

It’s the final quarter of 2015. What are your plans to make a difference in your non-profit organisation before year end? In Australia, we kick it off with a long holiday weekend – at least in some states, it’s Labour Day.

Perhaps this is an opportune time to think about what you will do in these final three months of the year to make a difference in your NFP. Here are some ideas:

  • Set three goals. Set three goals for your organisation. Print them and put them above your desk so they are front of mind. Are these goals related to the financial stating of your NFP? Are they related to your own professional development? Do you want to get more involved in the community or perhaps your professional body, Fundraising Institute Australia?
  • Set tasks each week, which must be accomplished in order to move you closer to the goal. Identify ways in which you play into the achieving the goals established. Also identify ways in which your colleagues will play into the same goals.
  • Measure whether you are accomplishing the tasks at a rate required to hit the goals.
  • Celebrate success at the end of the year. Take the time to reflect and plan for the new year.

Each of us needs to have goals in our personal and professional lives in order to accomplish the real things that matter. Don’t start the new work week (next Tuesday, for some in Australia!) without setting goals and objectives and identifying the tasks you need to tick off the list to achieve the goals. You will feel ready to conquer this final quarter of the year.