Mentorship – giving back to the fundraising sector

Snip20160606_1Earlier last week, I had conversation with a man who has been instrumental in the creation of mentorship programs for school students and young adults in Chicago. Our conversation involved the establishment of such programs, but also focused on measuring the outcomes.

Far too few charitable organisations, in my opinion, take the time to measure the impact of their programs. I would further suggest, with a few exceptions, impact measurement is a relatively “new concept” to our sector.

Equally important, the conversation caused me to think about the fact each one of us who are seasoned fundraising professionals have the expertise to give so much back to those who are early in their fundraising career. We may feel we are time-poor, but everyone has a couple of hours they are able to lend each month. We are not talking about taking on another part-time job in terms of the time commitment required to be a mentor.

Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) offers a mentorship program as a member benefit. Experienced professionals are sought to be FIA mentors. Additionally, those who are early in their fundraising career should step forward as mentees to be matched with those with experience to share. Contact FIA to learn more.