Appeal from US hospital shows differences with AUS fundraising methods

People always ask me about the differences between fundraising in the US vs the UK vs AUS. It’s a very common question and not a difficult one to answer.

US fundraising is not very focused on regular giving and is more focused on standard direct marketing, as well as major gifts and other high value fundraising. UK and AUS fundraising is very focused on regular giving and not nearly as much on major gifts and other high value fundraising. It’s that simple.

There are also a few more differences as demonstrated by this appeal I received from Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City this last Friday:mt-sinai-2

  • Mt Sinai asks me for a very large gift through the mail. Interesting. I am a lapsed donor. I think the first and only gift I gave Mt Sinai was years ago and I also believe it was not a significant gift – perhaps $100 or less.
  • Next the hospital reminds me I can give a gift through stock and securities. I would venture to bet you would never see this on a direct marketing appeal in AUS.
  • Finally, Mt Sinai asks if my employer will match my gift. This is a rare find on any AUS direct marketing appeal.