It’s end of tax year…in the United States

snip20161231_7It’s the end of the tax year in the US. It may seem odd to Australian’s, but the American tax year ends at 11:59PM on New Year’s Eve, 31 Dec.

US charities are repeatedly reminding me that the tax year is about to end tomorrow evening. I have received more than 50 eMail reminders in the last three days of the year alone. Of the 50, 6 charities have sent more than one reminder in the past 72 hours. 95% of the reminder eMails contain information about challenges and, particularly, matches from generous donors. Some examples, include:

  • Gifts to the Clinton Foundation will be tripled by “President Clinton himself”;
  • Gifts to the Alzheimer’s Association will be doubled; and,
  • Gifts to Shriner’s Hospital will be be doubled.

Matching gifts seem to be abundant this year. These challenges are a nice way for charities to attract new donors, renew lapsed supporters, and get the additional gift from donors who have already given this year.

snip20161231_8In addition, some charities have exposed my supporter record in eMails. Some have gently reminded me I have not yet given this year and some have nudged me by showing I have not given in 10 years.

Finally, others have informed me of their financial goal and status toward the fundraising target.

Most of these strategies are employed by Australian charities. If your non-profit organisation is not utilising one or more of the tactics, perhaps you want to test them to see if they may work for your organisation.

Happy New Year from all of us at FundraisingForce!snip20161231_12snip20161231_11