Two social enterprises worth checking out

By definition, a social enterprise is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being – this may include maximising social impact alongside profits for external shareholders. Over the last few weeks, I have encountered a couple of social enterprises I believe are worth introduction and worth you visiting.

The Two Wolves Community Cantina, is located in Glebe NSW. Community-oriented and driven by a strong volunteer culture, The Two Wolves is a place to find good company and creativity, engage in conversations, and support the communities in which The Cardoner Project’s volunteers serve.  The Cardoner Project is a Jesuit and Catholic youth volunteering hub that supports global partner organisations, predominantly within the Jesuit network. The cantina serves lunch and dinner weekdays only. The food is tasty, the service is superior, and the prices are right. To date, Two Wolves report raising more than $35,000 for various programs.

Buffed is a network of shoeshine stands based in major cities across Australia. Founded by the Wise Foundation in 2011, Buffed aims to provide business opportunities to individuals seeking asylum, refugees and people whose employment outlook is limited. Buffed has support from our partners who are the Bank of Queensland, University of Queensland Business School and Virgin Australia.

The mission of Buffed is to create a social enterprise business that generates a positive social impact within communities and valued outcomes across Australia. The vision is to secure futures for individuals through small business ownership.

I learned about Buffed when I met a man named Steve working the Buffed stand in the Virgin Lounge in Sydney. Not only did he provide a superior shoeshine, but his personality was contagious.

Two Wolves Cantina and Buffed are two great social enterprises. Support these and others you come across. Not only do you get a good product, but the money you pay for the product does some good.