Need some inspiration? Watch this story about Gemma Sisia

snip20161031_2 Did you catch 60 Minutes on Sunday evening?

The news magazine featured a very inspiring story about Gemma Sisia, an Australian woman who had the foresight and motivation to invest in the people of Tanzania. Gemma started The School of St Jude in Arusha Tanzania.

60 Minutes called Gemma Sisia the Gem of Africa and introduced the story by saying:

When Gemma Sisia used to tell people her dream was to build a school for the poorest of the poor kids of Africa, she’d be told it was a nice idea but that she was mad and it would never happen. However, for the farm girl from Armidale in northern New South Wales, all those doubters were exactly the incentive she needed to start raising money. Gemma still remembers the first donation she ever received – ten dollars from a woman called Agnes – and she hasn’t stopped fundraising since. Fourteen years ago she opened her St Jude’s school in Arusha, which quickly established itself as a showpiece of education in Tanzania. Today, every one of the hundreds of pupils who have studied at St Jude’s has just one person to thank for their success: the priceless Aussie Gem of Africa.

Need a little motivation on this Tuesday? Take 15 minutes and watch this 60 Minutes story about Gemma and be inspired about what $10 can grow. I think you will agree Gemma has made Australia and the world proud.

You can read more about School of St Jude and donate here.