Win or place at today’s Melbourne Cup

Today is the Melbourne Cup in Australia. Many people will either have the day of (it is, after all, a public holiday in Victoria) and others will simply pause to watch the race with their office mates who may be dressed for the occasion or who may have brought some bubbly or food to share to mark the occasion. As they say, the race does stop the nation.

The fact is, many offices will have pools or some people may stop at the TAB on their way into the office to place a bet in hopes of a big winning. I know nothing about horse racing and the past several years I have worked through the short race (a very un-Australian thing to do).

Nonetheless, I do know a thing or two about taking chances. I have been taking several chances lately in various fundraising lotteries/art unions.

One charity hired a telemarketing firm to call me recently to purchase tickets for various items. I bought. I just purchased 100 tickets/chances to win a luxury home in Queensland. Additionally, I am auto buyer for another charity to win a luxury car.Lottery

What is it about these charity lotteries? Is it the chance to win an outstanding prize? Or is it the fact I may win a prize for so little investment? For example, one charity is selling 30 tickets for $100. Finally, is it the fact I am giving money to charity (although not tax deductible)?

I think it is a combination of all of the above. Some of us like to buy the occasional lottery ticket and dream of winning big. The fact I may purchase a chance to win a Mercedes for $100, and there are limited tickets sold, is very attractive. Others want to support a charity in this fashion.

While I do not advocate gambling, I do like to take the occasional chance to win something big. Who doesn’t? The fact the money goes to wonderful organisations means this is just one more way I support charity in Australia.

Enjoy the Melbourne Cup. Good luck today – may the best horse win the race! And, may I win the house and/or the car!