Do the politics of Donald Trump help or hurt non-profits?

Donald TrumpWatching the current political climate in the United States, I cannot help to wonder whether the politics of Donald Trump help or hurt non-profits? I am leaning toward saying they substantially help non-profits and here is why…

Most of us are passionate about one or more causes. We choose to support and advocate for non-profit organisations best representing those causes. Government policy and funding (in some cases) dramatically impacts the progress our causes make over time. When there is a reduction in government support for what we believe in, we rally and become even more passionate (some might call it militant) about the cause.

US President Donald Trump and his administration may be hurting the causes some charities represent, but he may be helping them to rally the troops of supporters and to ultimately assist in the organisation’s fundraising and advocacy efforts. The problem for some non-profit organisations is the fact that a reversal in political policies in healthcare, medical research, culture, and the environment may, in fact, set organisations and the causes they represent back decades. As supporters and advocates, we feel the need to be there for the organisations we support even more today than, perhaps, we were during the last presidential administration.

I suspect that the likes of Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting Service, any number of environmental and conservation groups, and healthcare and medical research institutes are seeing those most passionate about their organisation give more money and time as they try to fight the wave of cuts in public perception and funding. These people believe women’s health, public broadcasting, climate change, and research into and care for chronic and fatal diseases are vital to our lives and to the welfare of a nation. Citizens are not going to give up just because the current US president wants to change priorities. People are going to double down and ensure the work they have achieved, that their marquis non-profit organisations have achieved, won’t be for not.